The Plant Bullies

These are my Beasties, Bindi and Rover, our rescue kitties. It’s funny how they start as little puffs, and turn into giant 15lb plant bullies. They have developed a bad habit of trying to climb my avocado tree, it’s about 5 1/2′ tall, and as thick as my thumb. I’m sort of attached to this little tree after sprouting it from a pit 5 years ago. Not to forget avocados are poisonous to cats. The poor thing has a makeshift barricade made from 2 flexible cutting boards taped together. My one remaining house plant is in a birdcage for safety.

Here I thought the tomato cage would protect my strawberries, Bindi is smaller than the big boy and was able to squeeze in any way. Rover’s favorite spot is the bin I’m about to plant my potatoes in. Hopefully I can make this work without the deck looking like a construction site.


About dancingkarmamama

I'm a natural food and home loving mama. My biggest job/joy is nurturing my two favorite people in the world, my husband and daughter. Gardening, cooking, and tromping through the forest are my passion.
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