10 Week Pictures

I’m home from vacation (oops a few weeks ago), and so thankful I had a babysitter for the garden. It’s been so hot and dry all across the country. Driving from MI to MO you can see the corn crops are in big trouble, looking like they need a week of rain. The soy is dry, but looks like it would bounce back with 1 good rain I’m told. The news showed cattle ranchers selling some livestock because the cost of corn feed was going up. And the Mississippi river is low, causing concern over barge traffic being able to navigate.

So I guess I’m right on par with the rest of the gardeners who didn’t water every day. My beans were crippled by the heat, like most of the gardeners I’ve talked to. I’m going to focus on what can be the good news. I got to teach my kid about saving seed, we picked a ton of chard seeds. Collard green seeds are easier to harvest rolling a few pods together, same for kale and bok choy. My kitchen till smells like the dill and holy basil seeds, I’m going to make pickles even if I have to buy the cuc’s at the farmers market.

The potatoes in the container on the patio are growing like crazy. The fairy garden is so over grown with rock roses it will need a trim.


About dancingkarmamama

I'm a natural food and home loving mama. My biggest job/joy is nurturing my two favorite people in the world, my husband and daughter. Gardening, cooking, and tromping through the forest are my passion.
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