Hi I’m Amy Hajec avid gardener, mother & wife. I’m into nutrition, local & organic meat and produce. The slow foods movement, and reclaiming traditional cooking & preparing methods that increase our foods nutrient levels, there by improving over all health.

My current project is a small community garden I’m in charge of. That’s just a fancy way of saying I get to pull the weeds, or tidy up if someone doesn’t. Our community garden was tilled Earth Day 2011, and has 3 farmers, with plans for 2 more. This is my 4th garden, at 3 different locations.

I started gardening with my Great Aunt when I was a about 5. I got to plant my own section, and always asked for beets. So many wonderful family memories are around her garden, and Gran’s dinner table. There was always a rainbow of home make food, down to the pickled beets I helped can.

My goal is to be a modern homesteader, grow as much, and put away as much of my own food as I can. To live gently on the land.


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  1. Hello dear Amy, I really enjoy your blog and am happily giving you the Inspiring Award and the Thanks for Writing Award. As always, it’s all in fun and only if you would enjoy participating 🙂 More info on my post. Hugs, Gina

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