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I'm a natural food and home loving mama. My biggest job/joy is nurturing my two favorite people in the world, my husband and daughter. Gardening, cooking, and tromping through the forest are my passion.

My First Ferment

This has been something I have both feared and looked forward to learning the mysteries of, fermentation. I’m impressed with the magical way it unlocks nutrients in food. Making them more readily absorbed. An article on pro-biotic capsules not being … Continue reading

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Time to Plant?

The heat wave broke, we had a whole day of rain and cool breezes. It was amazing to wake to the sound of rain in puddles, it had been so long I forgot the sound of puddles. I started going … Continue reading

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10 Week Pictures

I’m home from vacation (oops a few weeks ago), and so thankful I had a babysitter for the garden. It’s been so hot and dry all across the country. Driving from MI to MO you can see the corn crops … Continue reading

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8th Week Photo’s

Wow the summer’s been going full blast, I’m  running around with 2 little girls having a ton of fun. I’ve over loaded my mac, it’s running so slow I can’t stand it! I think my cabbage is getting a chance … Continue reading

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Fairy Garden

Every time we go camping the girls make a Fairy Alter, a precise lay out of moss, pine cones, feathers, any lovely bit we find is a candidate. So when I washed ashore on The Magic Onion’s Fairy Garden Contest … Continue reading

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5th Week Pictures

Summer has run away with us, I’m a few weeks behind in posting pictures. But we’ve been having sooo much fun! I hope you have too. We’ve had a wonderful few days walking down to water the garden & catch … Continue reading

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Homemade Laundry Soap!

I went to drop some laundry in the machine when I remembered I’d run out of soap. I’d made the last batch 9 weeks ago, at 3 or 4 loads a week, so somewhere between 27 & 36 washings a … Continue reading

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