Potatoes in Pots, and other container gardens.

It’s mid June, the potatoes have jumped in height from one week to the next. I had to take off the roof to the bird-cage so they could stretch out.

The blueberry bush my friend gave me last summer had never given a lot of fruit (it is self pollinating). I added a bunch of dead leaves under the potting soil and mulched with used coffee grounds. This year it’s doing great, turns out they love a lot of organic matter, and need acid to fruit.

Our strawberry flush is past, we got so many more this year than last year’s couple of handfuls. I have a few pints this year, not bad for 2 EarthBox’s along my stairway, and a planter on the patio. Given they don’t get full sun. I’m tucking the shoots back into the pots to take root as they go, getting read for when we have a few acres.

Last years mint has almost taken over the planter, I tucked some stevia & oregano in the corners. The bird-cage is letting a section recover from the lounge cats.


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4 Week Pictures

We’ve had just two short showers in about three weeks. My (broken) toes were feeling up to it so my girly and I walked the six blocks to the garden tonight. It was missing the rain, and us. I can see spaces in the pattern gardens that need filling, more mulch, and a pick me up. I’m going to brew some stinging nettle tea I read about in Mother Earth. It has a bunch of good stuff, increased by fermenting, dilute and water in. I use the dried leaves in herbal tea blends for the iron. I will defiantly have a nettle patch when I get my farm.

I’ll have to add a picture of the potatoes, flowers and herbs, and fairy garden on the patio as well.









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Black Bean Fudge!

Black Bean Fudge, yes for real, beans can be sweet. This is the treat my husband loves the most. And the only way I can get my kido to eat beans.

3 c  cooked black beans rinsed.

1 c coconut oil

3/4 c raw cacao powder (ground chocolate pods the real stuff that’s good for you), or coco

3/4 c sugar or to taste, I always try to use less. I like coconut sugar because it’s low glycemic index, however I’ve read it’s not a sustainable product.

I use dry beans, soak them over night to de gas them, cook, drain & rinse. Toss them into a food processor hot, for a smoother fudge. Add the coconut oil, blend, add the cacao, blend,  add sugar blend smooth. Scrape the bottom in and blend one more time. You can add some of the sugar at a time and taste for the sweetness you like.

Pour into a coconut oiled 9×12, smoothing with your spatula. Chill over night, cut into small squares and enjoy. You’ll want to keep this one in the fridge so the coconut oil stays firm.

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Gratitude and the E.R.

Friday morning, still groggy from staying up to late watching the Hatfield’s & McCoys (gosh it was good) and under caffeinated. My stubborn ambition to get way to much done in a day, found me driving a pitch fork through my toes. I knew just before it happened my angle was wrong, but it was too late. This dear gardeners, is a good reason not to work in flip-flops. As my Uncle Doug said “I forked up.”

My day unfolded to revile a few more interesting synchronicity’s, first my husband unexpectedly drove by in his work truck. Construction detoured him to my advantage, thank you Universe! He gave me a lift to the hospital, where I found I was not the only one who forked up. I was lucky enough not to have impaled my whole foot, another reason to be thankful. I love St. Mary’s hospital, they have taken wonderful care of me the few times I’ve been there.

The doctor found I’d gone through toe #3, out the other side and sliced toe #4. My luck it went under the bone, nothing to serious broken. Mind you there is not a lot of flesh to a toe. After a lovely soak in a tub of betadine, ex rays, horrible shots to numb them for the next 2 important steps, irrigation and stitches. Irrigation makes me think of watering the garden, it’s much different in the ER. I was very happy to have had the shots after that.

After stitches I was hanging out waiting for discharge papers, that can take all day if it’s  busy. I’d been watching the nurses station feeling grateful for the job these amazing people do, when someone started sobbing. The nurse walked out with a little guy about 3 while the family grieved their loss. She was talking to him, looking for toys, and sending someone to get a popsicle & anything to help distract the little guy. I dug in my bag for a mini etch a sketch and flagged down the next staff member who walked by to give it to him.

This morning we got a call from an old high school friend, it was his nephew I gave the toy to. I had probably been comforting his family, outside waiting for my ride, while the sister was talking to our friend on the phone. To me this is the Universe at large, working it’s wonders, though call it what you like.

I would like to ask you, if you have ever been to the ER, or know someone who has, to think about sending a thank you letter to the ER staff. And maybe a few little toys for the children. I am so grateful for the many amazing men and women who devote their lives to caring for others. I simply would not be able to keep my cool in such a demanding job.

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Heron Captured!

Wow what a day! It was a fluke I was even driving past the lake this time of day, and just caught a glimpse of the majestic Great Blue Heron. Thankful of the red light, giving me time to change direction. I parked in a neighborhood and dashed over to the lake. When I got there he had moved to hang out with the Swans. I stalked him along the edge of the water, being told off by the Redwing Blackbirds as I went.

This one is for you Mom, thank you for raising me connected to nature.

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Venus takes a walk in the park.

My side kick and I made the opportunity to see the transit of Venus across the sun. A once in her life time thing, the next one being in December of 2117. I was supper excited since I missed the first one 8 years ago. We meet our tribe of fun seekers at Kensington Metropark where a group of the Great Lakes Association of Astronomy Club members has set up. Everyone was so generous to share their gear, and knowledge as we all qued up to check out the view from all the different scopes.

I’ve read the Venus Transit has proceeded many great breakthroughs in human consciousness and played a significant role in the Mayan calendar.  So many lovely ideas to ponder, Venus Transit being associated with the awakening of divine feminine energy in our world. I do hope were entering a time of nurturing and balancing.

And maybe we don’t need to give another thought to the Mayan calendar ending December 2012, as Wikipedia has a schedule of Venus in transit listed to 2498 June 10. 😉

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3 Week Pictures

I love watching my garden grow, the mandala patterns are starting to become visible as the sprouts get bigger. I can see thin spots I can now fill in. The beans and sunflowers are big enough I can see what weeds to pull. It sometimes takes a gardener eye’s to see what is going on in the garden. I see potential and bounty in my wee little sprouts. Where others see a mess not knowing what is what.

There is little else better than fresh picked veggies. I couldn’t help but make a quick salad from my just picked lettuce, carrots (store-bought) & easter egg radishes from the farmers market. I whipped up an easy maple mustard dressing; 2 Tablespoons mustard, 2 Table spoons maple syrup, 1 Tablespoon apple cider vinegar, and one of olive oil.

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